We offer a few different options for tooth whitening. The first option is Zoom! Whitening. Zoom! Is a light-activated bleach that is applied in the office by the dentist or hygienist. After the bleach is applied, an ultraviolet light is shined on the teeth for 15 minutes at a time until the desired level of whiteness is achieved. Zoom! Is the most effective whitening system because it delivers instant whitening results. Most patients leave the office with teeth that are 4-5 shades whiter, with some patients achieving up to 8 shades of increased whiteness.

The second level of bleaching is called take-home bleaching. This kind of whitening utilized custom trays that are fabricated in our office to specifically fit your teeth. We dispense syringes of bleach for you to take home and whiten your teeth for a two week time period. After that time period, we assess your tooth shade and determine if you require more bleaching or if you can stop bleaching every day and simply go into a period of maintenance, where you only need to bleach when you notice your teeth getting dull.

The third level of bleaching are professional strength white strips. These are similar to whitening strips that are sold in retail stores, but the bleach concentration is higher and therefore more efficient and successful than the retail strips.